Immortal Frost Productions

Contact only in the languages English or Dutch!
Please notice: Immortal Frost Productions started out in Australia, but remains in Belgium (Europe) now. Remember this whenever you want to make a trade or deal.

You can order our releases and other products in our online webshop:
Or you can send an email to:
[email protected]
To order our digital albums just visit our bandcamp:

We no longer sign bands due to the many requests.
However, if you really think your music suits our catalogue, you can always send us an email:
[email protected]

Trade: Trades are always welcome. Just email us with your current list and we’ll see if we can make a deal. If we can’t use anything on your list, the trade will be declined. We trade CD, Patches, Pins, Vinyl, Tape and Shirts. If you want to trade tapes, we only accept originals, not cover + promo cd-r!
Wholesale: For any questions about our wholesale prices please send us an email.