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« Perdition II »
IFP 052

Astral Winter, a Melodic Black Metal band from Tasmania, Australia, is back with a brand new album. Perdition II is the band’s 4th full length album already. The Perdition albums are a very calm and majestic piece of art that focus on the instrumental beauty of this particular genre. The album is physically available on Jewel Case CD. Out on 31/07/2020!

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« Eterna Oscuridad »
IFP 051 / V014

The Spanish Necro Black Metal Legends Cryfemal return with their eigth full length album «Eterna Oscuridad». An album that is so pure and loyal to its original roots, combining the original elements of 90’s black metal with today’s modern sound. 

The album is physically available on Jewel Case CD & a Vinyl edition in three different colours (black, transparent piss yellow and half transparent blue / half clear with transparent blue splatter). 

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