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« Kosturnice »
IFP 058 / IFP V016

The Serbian Black Metal Cult The Stone are back with their 9th full length album «Kosturnice». Their new opus is a straight path towards unholy worshipping of demonic soundscapes filled with thunder roaming atmosphere. Throat grasping, devil preaching, hateful black metal and unbelievable musicianship has been forged into this album and it’s without a doubt the band’s most outstanding output to date. “Kosturnice” is available Digitally, on CD, DIGI CD & various Vinyl Editions.
Out on 26/03/2021!

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« Mundare »
IFP 057

MNHG is a Black ‘n’ Roll band hailing from Germany who present their debut full length album entitled “Mundare”. An album that is fierce, brutal, aggressive, yet, beautiful in its own way. From classic Black Metal riffing to Rock ‘n’ Roll tempo’s and even some punkish Darkthrone moments, there’s enough variation going on with some amazing solo’s that will make every living soul bang their heads until their dead. The album will be released on CD & Digitally. Out on February 26th 2020.

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