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Addergebroed (Dutch / 2023)
Blutrache (English / 2024)



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Bloedmaan, An exerpt;…

Chapter one; Bloedmaan

“Dear reader, I account to you the terrible happenings that brought forth the existence of that which will soon be know as ‘Bloedmaan’.
Bloedmaan literally means Blood Moon in dutch and started in the cold, dark final moments of the year 2022.
In the middle of the night, at the end of a long creative session,
Ronarg, got struck by a flash of inspiration. A castle appeared inside a blood red moon covering the sun, engulfing the entire land in strange mists and darkness. It appeared only for a moment, but it was clear as day. And from this vision the music flew forth.
A strange force possessed Ronarg’s cold fingers as strange notes birth forth from his cursed instruments. Here in this blackness the blood ran over the silver,here the darkness rose, and gave way, to moon of blood.”

Chapter two; Percussion

“But unfortunately, Ronarg knew that he did not posses all the skills required to perfect this most evil of works, and learning the skills would prove to be very time consuming.
In his search for the tools required, he approached many people, and eventually, trough hearsay, ended up contacting ‘Frederik Geuvens’, who was supposedly selling a percussion set. Ronarg knew him trough mutual friends, and was, at the time of writing, active as percussionist in the band called ‘Verwilderd’.
In an unexpected turn of events, or perhaps trough providence, Frederik offered his service willingly, solving most of the problems needed to bring Ronarg’s plan to fruition.
After a little back and forth, a pact was made.
Frederic began skillfully shaping the percussion in his image, adding details where Ronarg could not, and elevating the this work of evil to a true abomination.”

Chapter three; Ostrobothnian darkness

“When all the instrumental work was one, Ronarg approached Owe from Wolfthrone studio’s, Dispyt and Ondfødt, with whom Ronarg had worked before on other projects; Ars Veneficium and Antzaat. Owe had also commissioned Ronarg to create sinister oil paintings for his project Ondfødt. He eagerly agreed to put his mark on the project.
So it was that the recordings got send to the deep, dense forests of Finland, where Wolfthrone studios, molded this perversion with focus and precision into its final forms in spite of the physical plane of existence. After less then a week we landed on what was to be the finalized sound of the production.

Test on the effects of the mangled tones where soon to be underway. Subjects where carefully selected and observed during exposure.
One of the Unwilling subjects who was unfortunate enough to be exposed to the final work, left rather abruptly, on a pilgrimage. Perhaps a futile attempt to save his soul? Alas we may never know, for he did not return.

Ronarg, content with the results and its self inflicted impurities decided to move forward. All that was left to do now was to find a way to unleash the tracks on to the world.”

Chaper four; Frost in the valley of the Demer

“One of the subjects exposed to this madness happened to be S. The frontman of the band Ars veneficium, in wich both Ronarg and S. played, and of the underground label ‘Immortal frost productions’. After listening to the wretched A couple of times he to saw the evil potential it had and immediately gave a contract enabling Bloedmaan to spread its wings and unleash its poison upon the world.

Ronarg worked tirelessly to give form to the initial vision that set in motion this participial series of events. And a series of oil paintings followed forth from his hands.

Now dear reader. I have told you everything there is to know about Bloedmaan so far. The incredible speed and precision with which Bloedmaan was birthed the other world to this one is staggering and a clearly a sign of some form of unnatural corruption. If you still wish to go forth and listen to these accursed tracks for yourself. Heed my words and be warned. For there may not be a way back.

That, is all for now……”

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