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The Coroners Report (2023)


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Crawling out of the cracks of the Australian musical landscape, Deadspace has long forged a chasm of its own within national and international circles. Amalgamating a unique atmosphere of anguish with a more orthodox black metal approach, Deadspace envisions a post-apocalyptic world governed by corporate greed and socio-political disconnect. Influenced heavily by English Literature and Occult narratives, the band is on a constant pursuit to document and extrapolate mankind’s darkest and palest truths, at whatever the required cost.

What has been is in the past and what lies ahead is the focus! 2023 is the year of a new era for Deadspace. After nearly 10 years of existence, a new direction has been chosen wisely, and with it, a contract has been signed with Immortal Frost Productions. A record label whom we think feels our passion and understands our needs as an international band, fitting perfectly with our vision and form of devastating art.

Expect nothing, receive everything!

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