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DYSTOPIA brings their own interpretation of black metal. Personal, creative, stubborn and raw. With respect and awe for the genre, but with a strong natural drive to find its musical boundaries and to challenge them.

Since its inception in 2005, DYSTOPIA has experimented with several styles of expression. In 2015 it found its mature form, with the addition of brass instruments. This inspired much more creative freedom which led to black metal that incorporates psychedelic, doom and said brass instruments. The mindset in which music comes first and tropes come second, grew along with the sound. In 2020 the switch came that brought Dutch lyrics, to stay as authentic to their core emotions and experiences as possible.

The lyrical concepts are always personal and philosophical. Emotional and pondering. One of the main themes being the question of the existence of free will. The battle of determinism versus self-determination. DYSTOPIA likes to revel in the darkness and turmoil of existential dread.

DYSTOPIA has previously released Haat (2013), Chaos Philosophorum (2017) and Geen weg Uit (2020) amongst other releases. They’re about to enter the studio to bring forth a new album in continuation of their exploration of style and expression.

In early 2023 the band has signed a two-album contract with Immortal Frost Productions after their splendid show at Hagelant Fest.

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