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Founded by I.L (Osculum Infame, Reverence, Arkhon Infaustus) as a solo project in 2008 with no band name yet, he recorded the first demo “The god’s Rejects” in 2008. After 7 years, the french label Cold Dark Matter Records released this demo on tape format to 66 copies in 2015. The project was named “Ende” during the recording of the debut album in 2010.

In the meantime, Ende was joined by T.Njodr (Venefixion) as a drummer in 2011 and signed with the German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions that produced the debut album “Whispers of a dying Earth” (recorded in 2010) in 2012. Then, their collaboration lasted for 11 years, and which saw the release of all the albums of the band like “The Rebirth of I” in 2015, “Emën Etan” in 2017, “Goétie Funeste” in 2018 and “Mörnöyr, bienvenue en Terre du Diable” in 2020.

Alongside the full lengths, various splits and compilations were released through different labels like “Le puits des morts” (2016 / Obscure Abhorrence Productions), “Liber Damnatus, Psalm I” with Sacrenoir (2018 / Sepulchral Productions), “Liber Damnatus, Psalm II” with Gotholocaust (2018 / Asgard Hass Productions).

In 2022, the live album named “Liturgies Funéraires, Cérémonie pour une Congrégation Mourante” was recorded at the Motocultor Festival (France) and released in co-prod between Cold Dark Matter Records and Asgard Hass Productions.

During the year of 2023, the french structure FrenchBlackDeathGrind released the compilation named “Beati Mortvi” that gathered unreleased tracks, covers songs and different live songs recorded through Europe.

In the first half of 2023, contact was made for a possible cooperation with the belgian based record label Immortal Frost Productions which led up to signing a record deal in Autumn 2023 for our upcoming album.

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