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Heavy Metal Maniac IT (Italian / 2024)


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Infernal Angelswas born in August 2002 by XeS and Prince Of Tears, and at the end of the year the first demo, “Absum Lucem”, was released. After that a new demo, “Vigilia Secunda” an EP “Dominus Silentii”, and the first full-length, “Shining Evil Light”, was recorded and released in 2006 by Officina Rock Records. The album received very good reviews and Infernal Angels played at important gigs as Agglutination, Metal Disorder, Haliaetaum Open Air.

In 2009 the second album, titled “Midwinter Blood”, was released by My Kingdom Music. Meanwhile Infernal Angels played with Impaled Nazarene and participated at The Black Lake III with Behexen, Satanic Warmaster, Melancolia Estatica, Inferno and more. In 2014 Infernal Angels recorded their third album “Pestilentia”, which was released by SG Records.

In 2017 Infernal Angels underwent a line up change followed by recordings of their fourth album “Ars Goetia” and in 2020 Infernal Angels released their fifth album“Devourer Of God From The Void”. Both albums were released through My Kingdom Music.

After the pandemic, in the spring 2022 the band went on a tour through Eastern Europe with the Swiss deathster Nihilo and partecipated at several summer Festivals. The band’s sound has devolped from a melodic black metal passing to a chaotic and cacophonous black metal with death metal influences.

At the start of 2023, a new era is about to open, and as many pages are yet to be written by blood and fire the band achieved a record deal with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their 6th studio album “Shrine of Black Fire, which was released in November 2023 on CD, Vinyl & Digtal Format.

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