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In the year of 1995 a Dutch Black Metal band by the name Infinity spawned from the grey suburb areas of Rotterdam.

Under the spell of the early work from bands who came before them (Mayhem, Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Dissection), Infinity gradually began treading their own path blending melodic and trash elements into their creations that are often labelled by critics as intense Black Metal with a nostalgic Scandinavian-like atmosphere, which reminds of the mid ‘90s.

Throughout the years members came and went, yet, the two founding members “B.Xul” and “Draconis” remained and are still the driving force behind the band.

Infinity has been manifesting their ancient forgotten magic by releasing a demo, seven studio albums and a compilation album (with re-recordings and cover songs) thus activating a devastating vortex that is spreading chaos and darkness into every dimension and corner of this world.

Performing live in countries all over Europe and Russia. They kept strengthening the everlasting force that’s called “INFINITY”.

While it is by giving themselves this name they are forever bound to the ancient Gods of Darkness and let “The Limitless Black Light of Lucifer” guide their path into the endless darkness. Enchanted by the magical sigil on their backs they stand forever proud and loyal and as of 2023 a new era has begun for the band as they’ve inked a deal with Immortal Frost Productions for their future album(s).

“We are the outcasts of this weak and sick society
Outlaws, unbound and living free
Like wolves we gather into the night
In our eyes the burning flames ignite”
-Infernam Aeternam

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