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LICHTBLICK is a Depressive Post Black Metal band from Vienna, Austria, formed in summer 2013 by M. (rhythm guitar) and A. (vocals) as a two-man project. After some line-up changes over the time D. (lead guitar) and J. (drums) joined the band in 2015 and completed the current set-up. In 2015 the band independently released their first EP “Feel free to lose your life”, which features 4 tracks. The sound on the EP is atmospheric, dark and depressive, especially the mournful vocals are an outstanding part on this piece.

The first full length studio album entitled “Phrenesis” followed in 2018 with 6 songs on it and was also released and distributed by the band itself. The group kept the original atmospheric and depressive texture with the forlorn vocals, although the previous line-up changes surely made a difference on the overall sound.

The first full leng
In the meantime, the band managed to sign a record deal with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their second full length album for which the band completed the song-writing and have entered the studio in October 2021. Their second full length album will be released in early 2022.

The first full leng
Lichtblick consider themselves as a live band, hence playing concerts is an important part for the group.
Feel free to lose your life!

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