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*MMX, Muert came to this world by Ebola (voices/guitars) & Guayota (drums).

*MMXI, Muert enters in studio to record “Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis”, the firstborn album. Nine tracks in 40 mins. Mastered by Endarker Studio from Sweden (Marduk, Ofermod…). Released by Demonhood Productions (Nor), august MMXII.

*MMXII, Muert records a promotional videoclip “Burial in the Forest”, and play their first concerts. The band records two songs for a split with the bands Necrogoat and Waffenträger Luzifers. It was released on MMXIV by Total Death Records (Ger). Interesting concerts in Lisboa (POR)with Setherial, and Madrid (SPA)with Primigenium.

*MMXIV, Muert enters in studio to record “Ahul Xaxo”, the second one and conceptual album. Nine tracks in 40 mins. Released by Self Mutilation Services (Mex), in digipack format on november. Soon more gigs, included in Satan’s Unholy Abominations fest (USA)with bands like: Black Witchery, or Blood Storm. Bylec-Tum Productions (Ita)release “Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis” in cassette.

*MMXV, Anti-Trend Records (Usa)release “Ahul Xaxo” in cassette plus patch. Templo de Lucifer Productions (Usa)release limited 50 “Ahul Xaxo” t-shirts. The band recorded 2 new songs for a future split, but it’s still unreleased nowadays. Tour over Europe with the bands Corpus Christii and The Stone. Playing in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Slovenia. With bands like: Melechesh, Keep of Kalessin, Horna, or Nightbringer. Played again in S.U.A fest (USA)with bands like: Cryfemal, or Sekhmet.

*MMXVI, Muert plays in Berlin at Under the Black Sun fest, with bands like: Ancient, Aeternus, Dodheimsgard, Hades or Thornspawn. Muert plays in Barcelona at Inner Metal Festival II, with bands like: Lux Divina, Decapitated Christ, or Between the Frost. The internacional TV program “Vice” come to Tenerife, to record a documental about Muert, and record a private concert too.  This program puts Muert in TV’s from USA and many more countries, and it was a big promotion to the band. Muert signs contract with Hammerheart Records (Dark Funeral, Emperor…) from Netherlands to record their third album, and start with the recordings sessions.

*MMXVII, Muert did their first USA mini tour on February, 3 dates (Massachusetts, New York & Maryland) around the east coast as headlinners, with the support of the north american band Beliäl. The band released their first official lyric video, to promote the new album. “Ye Canariae Abezan”, the third album, 9 cuts of raw and brutal sound, mixed and mastered in Necromorbus Studio (Swe), by the sound engineer of Mayhem, or Watain. It was released in Cd/Lp in september by Hammerheart Records, getting a bunch of good reviews in Metal magazines.

*MMXVIII, Muert did a Spain 3 dates mini tour (Madrid, Basque Country & Barcelona) as headlinners, with the support of the Catalonian band Barbarian Swords. Playing with bands like: Nakkiga, or Ered. The band was co-headlinners in the “Canarias Necro Terror” mini tour, with the brother band Cryfemal. Playing 4 dates (Maryland, New York, Boston & Chicago) around the east coast. And records on the way, two new songs for a future split, in “The Ossuary Recordings” of New Jersey. Muert plays in the itinerant festival of Helvete’s Magazine (Nor)in Gran Canaria, sharing stage with Norway bands.

*MMXX, Muert records their 4th album, mixed and mastered in Moontower Studios (Spa), by a member of Teitanblood, Graveyard (Spa), or Körgull the Exterminator.

*MMXXI, Muert has signed a contract with Immortal Frost Productions for their 4th bestiality to be released in early 2022.

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