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Pyra is a Black / Death Metal Band from Italy that was formed in 2020 by I. and L., joined by E. two years later.

“PYRA” is a pile of wood erected for the cremation of corpses and on which death row inmates and those who had to be sacrificed as victims were burned alive.

Music & lyrics of the band are inspired by primordial atmospheres, nature and fire. Like a purifying fire, Pyra drags you into the depths of the human being and digs deep in the primordial origins, guiding you to unknown landscapes.

In early 2022, Pyra have signed a contract with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their self-titled Debut EP. Drums on this particular EP were recorded by Omega (also known from Darvaza, Nubivagant & Fides Inversa).

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