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The one man project NIGHTS AMORE was born in late 2006.
The mastermind, Chris, always was intrested in playing some kind of music. Being always alone at the time, he started creating tunes without any real practice. At that time everything flowed constantly and almost 100 tracks where produced on a piano.

Late in 2009, his project Nights Amore was discovered by Surtur, who was directly blazed away by the melancholic sounds he shaped.

On 1 April 2012 Nights Amore released a digital album through Immortal Frost Productions called “Sorgens Minuter – Om Slutet” which is available for purchase on the official Immortal Frost Productions bandcamp, followed by the second digital release “In Memoriam Vitam”.

Right now Nights Amore is on hold, as he is working hard on his other side projects.

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